Embody Femine Energy – 21. & 22. 4. 2018

Dear ladies, are you ready to Break free from the thought and emotional processes that are keeping you on a low vibrational level? Forsake expectations and create a life filled with joy, happiness and satisfaction? Step into your own light and express your … Read More

People are lacking inner peace

– Illnesses are based on fear and worries Published in Zarja magazine, Slovenia on 25th April 2017 Perfectionist Polona Mursec with above-average grades, decided to study law. Her life plan was to set up a successful legal business. At the … Read More

Miraculous Meditation in a Salt Room

Published in Pomagaj si sam magazine, Slovenia, on 20th March 2017 Imagine a cosy room in which only 6 women can sit in a circle. It feels warm, and smells of salt and essential oils. Pleasant music touches your soul … Read More

Happier, healthier and more satisfied with life

Published in Demokracija magazine, Slovenia, on 16th February 2017 Polona Mursec is an International Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer, who has developed her own programmes for personal transformation. We have had a conversation with her on the topic of “how to … Read More

Sommarøy Inner Glow Retreat

Have you been ever thinking how would it be to unplug from the world for one weekend, come to the Sunny Island or Sommerøyas Norwegians call it, get lost in white sand paradise, enjoy breathtaking scenery and gain valuable life – changing lessons … Read More

Write Your Best Seller

Are you ready to open a new chapter in your book of life? Have you come to the point in your life when you realise that things are just not working out the way you want them and you know … Read More

There’s No Such Thing As Competition

Sometimes I smile and then pause… Sometimes I just cannot respond when I hear a business owner explaining to me how much time and energy they spend on their competitors.   Sometimes I feel deep down inside that my words … Read More

Master The Most Temperamental Horse

2016 has finally arrived; I hope that you are now full of enthusiasm and aspirations to make your dreams come true. No matter what 2015 was like, today, right at this moment in time, you have a brand new opportunity … Read More

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