There’s No Such Thing As Competition

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“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms in all its beauty.”

Sometimes I smile and then pause… Sometimes I just cannot respond when I hear a business owner explaining to me how much time and energy they spend on their competitors.   Sometimes I feel deep down inside that my words would not be understood correctly, therefore I give up any attempts explaining my point of view…

How am I supposed to explain to somebody whose existence is based on fear, that there is actually no such a thing as competition?

Competition is based on old paradigm, on a paradigm of fear, on a paradigm that feels separated and needs to compete with each other.

A new paradigm is based on love, support and connection. A new paradigm accepts the Universe as abundant place where everybody whose intentions are good and whose vibration is high, finds a unique place in this world. A safe place, where they do not need to fear or compete.

However not everybody is ready for this shift. Some people prefer to carry on with the old drama of separation and lack. They feed themselves on negative emotions. They feel either inferior or superior to others. They don’t sense themselves equal to others.

When you live disconnected from yourself, when you believe you are your rational mind, you are the imprisoner of your own fears, incompleteness and imperfection. In this state of being, you will never be enough and you will always try to fill the void from the outside in.

Only when you realise your true nature, only when you rise above your rational mind, are you able to recognise your greatness, beat your fears and start living a worthwhile life. Everything left is just a bad approximation of life.

In a state of true connection to who you truly are, you know that you are such a unique masterpiece with an exact mission that you need to fulfil, that you have no doubts or worries as to what others do, because you have so many things to do in order to bring your plans and ideas to fruition.

It’s not about disrespecting your competitors, it’s just knowing that your energy is reflected in every single product or service that you deliver and as such, you have no competition. Instead of wasting time and money on what competitors do, you spend your time growing yourself, your team and your company in the best possible manner because you understand that what you give is what you get.

If you give love, good vibes and respect that is exactly what you are going to receive in return. Your company will grow as your customers can sense the energy that a product is made with or a service is done with.

Therefore, my beloved business owners, instead of wasting your precious time and energy on what your competitors do, invest it into making your working environment a great place to be in, a place where people feel safe, appreciated and respected.

Invest your time in getting to know your employees, their special skills, talents and their aspirations. Invest into their personal and professional development and then sit back and relax. Just watch how great vibes, creativity and satisfaction create miracles.

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