Svein Karin

NLP Trainer & Transformational Coach, Norway

In the middle of February this year I decided to test the Flow program designed by Polona Mursec. I learned how to stretch my body and do the exercises at my own pace. Additionally, I took on her lovely recipes, which are all based on using fresh organic food with lots of minerals and vitamins.

Just after a few days of practising, I felt my energy levels rising and affecting both, my mind and body greatly. It is now almost the end of April (10 weeks since I started) and I have already lost 8 kilograms using her guidelines. This is an amazing transformation for me and my health.

I cannot thank Polona enough for her brilliant way of teaching and changing my life. If you want to change your life, I would recommend Polona’s programme from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Polona for my new, happy me.