Stian Foss

Standup Comedian, Norway

I am 29 years old and wheelchair bound. I spend a lot of time sitting down, hence my limbs get quite stiff and I can experience muscle pain from time to time. Because of this, it has always been important that I work out. Part of me has always wanted to be more active, and train to get stronger muscles, but there was always something in my head stopping me.

I met Polona when she was co-hosting a seminar here in Trondheim (Norway) and she offered me to test her Brilliant Glow Therapy.

As soon as we started with the Therapy, I immediately felt warm and tingling sensations both in my head and in my body. I guess I had to laugh because it was so absurd, in a good way, to have all these sensations happening, while someone was standing over me…and not even touching me. I tried to explain what was happening because I thought: ‘Feedback is always nice’, but I quickly realized that I was so relaxed, that my words kind of slipped away from me.

Then after a while, I could feel something happening on the left side of my head; the feeling of resistance was gone and everything suddenly felt so much simple, the blood was flowing easier through my entire body, and it still does. Just like when you get a massage, only better. It feels like the mechanisms of the body are running better now, more correctly. All of my muscles are now much more co-operative, so to speak. In addition, a long while after our sessions, I felt very much at peace. Because…the resistance in my head disappeared.

As a result of this I got a membership at the gym and keep working out my muscles in my legs. I will start climbing mountains someday…