Saša Marijan

Nursery Teacher, Slovenia

Due to a very hectic lifestyle that I have, I experienced a lot of stress and tension on an everyday basis in my past. Deep down inside I knew that that was not the lifestyle that I wanted, I, therefore, decided to do something about it. I reached out for Polona and with her positive energy, her guidelines and the exercises that I was writing down after each session, I immediately felt like a brand new world opened in front of my eyes. She changed my view of how I see myself, of what happiness really is and I finally learned how to listen to myself.

My overall state of being improved massively and after I finally found the peace inside me; I can say that at point I started truly living. I noticed that when I changed, my relationship with my kid improved as well. We are both more relaxed, peaceful and I definitely spend more time with him since then. I should also mention that as I started to get to know myself, I became aware of what I really need and want in my life instead of living according to what is expected of me. I learned to hear my heart and soul desires and needs.

Utilising Polona’s guidelines, I am still getting to know myself, what I desire and deserve and I can say that consequently, the quality of my life is increasing day by day. I am definitely becoming a better version of me each single day.

Polona, I am sincerely thankful that I know you and I can trust you.’