Line Ann Hansen

Teacher, Norway

I, Line, am a lady who for over two decades, wanted to “find herself”, has been so lucky to get acquainted with this wonderful lady through two meetings.

The first time was at a workshop that Polona delivered in my hometown, where she talked about herself and her “journey” into her new life. That was a very emotional moment for me as it seemed that she was describing my life and my daily challenges.

The second time I was fortunate to get to spend four days with Polona, right from the beginning I was unable to stay focused on what Polona was saying, because I was enthralled by the luminous aura that was around her body. Blue white and dazzling, it was surrounding her like a cape.

Due to a challenging childhood, where I had to hide my “true self”, I built up an impenetrable “shield” that protected me from the outside world. In my quest to free myself from the grip of this shield, I had to let go of the past and to forgive for what happened. Through working with Polona, I gained an understanding of why the other kids bullied me and how that affected me ever since.

The other students and I experienced very powerful transformations whilst working with Polona, but the strongest one for me was definitely just before the weekend was over. Polona drew her attention to me and started challenging my identity. It was probably the most challenging situation that I’ve ever experienced. I felt pushed into a corner for a long time. But then all of a sudden something happened. I finally understood who I was. I got in touch with my “real self”. My hands caught fire immediately, it felt like a boiling mass was bubbling in my palms. I have never experienced anything like that! As a consequence an indescribable peace settled in my body and finally all of the the”pieces” fell into place.

Now, I am just waiting for my next meeting with my beautiful friend. For I know that this day will come. And when it comes, I will enjoy every minute of the moment.