Klavdija Fortuna

Hairdresser, Slovenia

It has been a great pleasure to meet Polona. Such a hearty and beautiful person everybody desires to meet.

I had difficulties with conceiving for a few years. Despite the medical surgery, I still wasn’t able to conceive. I must admit, I was really desperate and running out of hope. I lost visions of a bright future in front of me. Then I met Polona and we removed energy blockages, karma and recorded a meditation to practice at home. During the Brilliant Glow Therapy, I felt really relaxed and guided, which enabled me to remove the energy blockages quickly. Polona leads the therapy very pleasantly, which plays a major role in the therapy process. I was practising meditation at home for a few months and then a miracle happened – I was pregnant.

I am overjoyed as I carry a beautiful baby girl under my heart and I am truly thankful to Polona for that. I will always be truly thankful.