Jerneja Žurman

Sales Specialist, Slovenia

Ever since September, when my daughter started going to kindergarten, she had major problems with her sinuses. Her nose was clogged, her ears were sore, she was coughing a lot and she also had a temperature. Antibiotics and corticosteroids were a constant thing in her life and consequently, she spent very little time in the kindergarten.

Then I mentioned to Polona what was going on and we arranged an appointment for Brilliant Glow Therapy. The experience was really interesting. My daughter had temperature and was coughing when Polona arrived, she was very restless and refused to talk. Then in the middle of the therapy, a huge change happened. My daughter calmed down and started communicating with Polona. The temperature vanished and she stopped coughing. My daughter was healed in an instant; no more temperature, no more coughing, her state of being improved 100% and she is still healthy.

My advice – do not wait, act immediately when it comes to your child’s health. I am sincerely sorry that we did not do the Brilliant Glow Therapy sooner.