Ingrid Thorskildsen

Student, Norway

From the moment we walked into the room where the course was held, I could feel the relaxed and positive energy. We were only a small group of women. The small group made it easy to feel safe to open up. I got really close to the women in the group and I am sure we will keep in touch in the future. I like how Polona doesn’t have specific notes for the seminar, and how she listens to the group when she is making plans for the weekend. This fact and the size of the group makes it possible for everybody to shine!

During the seminar in Tromsø, I could see big changes in all the women. Before this weekend started, I was struggling to make a choice about my future. Polona helped me make the right decision. I learned how to listen to what my body is saying, which will help me in so many ways in the future. I also learned the tools that will help me feel relaxed, how to live in the moment, and how to feel more confident in myself and my decisions. I recommend everyone to spend a weekend with Polona, it will change your life for sure!