Ingrid Thorkildsen

Student, Norway

I found the seminar Inner Glow very interesting. I learned so much about myself and how we are built up as human beings. I liked the fact that we were working in a small group. It made it possible for everyone to shine and to be a part of the conversations. Our group was fun with so many incredible people. The atmosphere was relaxed. The minute I walked in through the door I felt good. Everyone was welcoming and happy! I think my favourite part of the seminar was the eye gazing experiment. I have never done it before and it ended as an amazing experience. It really was true what you said: it’s a different way of getting to know a new person.

When I got home after the seminar, I put up post-it notes all over my apartment with quotes and drawings to remind myself of what I learned during the weekend. I am excited to see where this journey will take me!

Thank you so much for all the motivation and for helping me to start my new journey.

Big hugs!’