Enid Camilla Hansen

Student, Norway

Embody Feminine Energy weekend seminar enabled me to change into something new and better. I am more focused in everything I do, and I can see myself and my surroundings with new eyes. It felt like people around me had changed, but it is actually my way of seeing them that has changed. It is now easier to be around people. I used to find it very hard in the past.

I learned a lot from the other participants in the group and I could relate to their stories because of my own experiences.

Polona is teaching from her heart and she has a here and has a “go with the flow” teaching method, where nothing is planned in advance. I loved that.
I will deeply recommend this seminar to everyone, no matter what challenges they are facing in their life. You will learn some amazing techniques, meet like- minded people, be seen for who you really are, and you will start to notice all the beauty around you in life”.