Annikken Holm

Student, Norway

I was struggling with a lot of pain in my stomach and in my reproductive system. Been to a trillion doctors, none of them eased the pain or even found the reason for it.

Then I met Polona and had a Polona’s Therapy with her. Polona is an excellent people-reader, I felt she could see straight through me! It was like she knew the things I did not even know, and she held up the mirror for me to understand myself in a totally different way.

She made me focus on the little girl I used to be, and forced me to really dig deeper within – she forced me to see the cause of my troubles. All the lightbulbs in my head turned on and I suddenly knew why I had  pain and she guided me on how to fix it!

Halleluja! I came home that evening and for the first time I didn’t experience any pain. Of course, I need to keep working on the relationship with my inner child, I need to keep listening to it and give it all the love that it needs, but now I know that all of the tools that we need to fix our problems, are already inside of us all.

Polona helps us to reach them, because of her I now have hope for the future, and I do know how to work more with myself and climb closer and closer towards my dreams and goals!

Thank you, Polona – you changed my life for the better, and I am forever grateful for that. You are a woman I admire and look up to. The world needs more Polona’s!’