‘I took a class in NLP and Mindfulness in 2016 with Polona Mursec in Tromsø, Norway which was very, very good. I highly recommend Polona as a speaker, coach and personal trainer. She is a clear speaker on the subject of NLP, Mindfulness, Spiritual Consciousness and Awareness. She has a lot of very good knowledge and an answer to any question that you might have regarding these topics.

Polona is also a very nice person, likable, friendly and sweet. You just like her. So if you need some new “spiritual food”, which is uplifting, inspiring and informative, then join her training. It will take you to a new zone; to the next level. You get a new positive energy because you get a new understanding of how your mind / your inner world works. Consequently, you get to see yourself and the world in a different; better way. You easily realize that a positive change is possible and does not have to be difficult.
Best regards from Heidi.’

Heidi Tapio - Norway


Polona is a fantastic inspiration for all kinds of people out there. She puts her heart and intentions in helping people to reach their own power and light. I am very grateful for meeting her, she is delightful to be around and you can surely relax and learn in a new and positive way. She works in a graceful way, so the whole process of self-exploration and development transcends into fun and joyful moments of realization and fulfillment.

She is a loving, wise and beautiful person that will mirror to you a lot of qualities you probably didn’t know you had. She gives you space and a real feeling of being safe, so you can open up in every way and allow yourself to become more. She will never put herself above you, she will actually show you how great you are, she is open about herself and is not afraid of giving. You can safely open up to her with all areas of your life. The best thing is that the experience with her as a trainer is filled with laughter and positive vibes, just like it’s supposed to be.
I would recommend her as a trainer to everyone, no matter where you are in your life.

Amina Monsen El Bakkouchi - Student, Norway