I am sitting, and contemplating but cannot find the appropriate words that would describe the wonderful adventure that we experienced during the Mindfulness course.

I felt so safe, so accepted, I surrendered and opened myself up for new insights. What followed, was absolutely magical.

The merging energies in the room led me into complete calmness within and filled me up with enormous joy for living …

With Polona everything seems so easy, so simple, so sincere …. there is no boring theory and everything that is being said throughout the seminar, makes perfect sense.

I am extremely grateful to be able to get to know such a hearty person …

This was the first seminar that I have attended in the last two years, which did not leave me with emptiness in my heart and soul. On the contrary, this inner calmness and inner connection with my true self and body is ever lasting and is still fully present within me after one week of attending this seminar.

Mindfulness with Polona is something that everybody should not only attend, but most of all experience. With Polona, you simply come to life.

Polona, thank you for being YOU, you make this world a much nicer place.

Suzana Murič - Slovenia

Hello Polona,

I would like to say thank you for your positive energy, openness and willingness to help others by sharing your knowledge and wisdom on inner calmness, which we have lost in the modern lifestyle, even though it is available to us and lies in front of our eyes 24 hours per day.

I truly appreciate being taught how to access the state of inner calmness, how to observe our emotions (especially those who we do not like to deal with, which is deeply suppressed within us) without fear; with complete acceptance and safety.

You take the person to such a state of inner calmness that everybody wishes to have this feeling last forever.

Special thank you for showing me that these dimensions exist in me and that I can access them whenever I choose to.

I would recommend this seminar to everyone, to experience how we could feel in our everyday life if only our rational minds would let us. Reward yourself and let yourself experience this inner calmness, which personally for me represents the highest treasure one can have, as everything else derives from that state of being.

Teja Toman - Slovenia