I had finished the Premium NLP Practitioner course when I heard about Polona’s Inner Glow Programme. I decided to attend it and ever since I have been changing my life habits. I practice Mindfulness every morning before going to work and I am also eating more healthily. So far I can say that both I and my body like it. I also find it easier to stop negative thinking. I have come to the point where I am actually aware of the thoughts that run in my mind, I can recognise the negative ones and throw them in the “bin”. I also find it easy to get rid of negative memories. When I internalise this new way of being completely, I want to learn more about Mindfulness.

Jenny Kristiansen - Teacher, Norway


I have been so blessed to enjoy Polona Mursec’s Inner Glow event in the North of Norway. I was at a place in my life, 49 years old, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I couldn’t continue working as an accountant because that job was draining my energy.

Polona taught us about consciousness, awareness, she taught us how to be present in the moment and how to look deep within ourselves to establish contact with our higher selves and get the answers that we are looking for.

This has been a life changing event for me. Since then I trust my higher self and intuition and I learnt how to find my inner peace. When a distraction appears, I know how to get back on track. This made my life so much easier, because life can only be lived in this moment in time – and there is nothing else to it. I wish everyone to go for this fantastic opportunity, you will never regret. It has been four months since I attended her programme and my life has changed immensely ever since. I quit my financially secure job and set up my company through which I now coach and help other people to change their lives. This gives a lot of energy and meaning to my life. I am so grateful for doing this kind of work and it feels so right to do it. Thank you Polona from the bottom of my heart for getting to know you, and thank you for being my mentor 

Sissel Widding - Coach, Norway


Thank you for a good Inner Glow seminar in Tromsø, such a nice atmosphere and spirit. I got a lot of ‘A-ha’ moments when you gave a lecture of how the brain works and how irrational we think and act. Find your inner Glow and be happy.

Thank you, Polona  for an inspiring seminar.

Håkon Haraldsvik - Pilot, Norway

For me personally, the Inner Glow programme was exciting, it introduced me to a new way of thinking. Polona asked the right questions at the right time and what was fascinating for me was that the questions encouraged us to find the answers within ourselves. I had a good experience with the Inner Glow programme and I would recommend it to everybody who is interested in mindfulness, wants to learn techniques how to clear the mind of stress and gain more energy! This is a course you really should consider!

Eric Hoistad - IT Expert, Norway


Firstly, I would like to say – Polona thank you for helping me (re-)learn how to relax, mentally and physically.  It is quite funny how a few simple exercises can have such a large impact. The seminar is well structured and well planned, but at the same time not planned into the smallest detail, which makes it freer. Polona, you speak from your heart and not from slides, which I appreciate VERY much.

And as I write these words, I feel very aware of the fact that I am writing them, because you also reminded me to actually be in the moment, to actually be. Even writing on a keyboard feels like a new thing at the moment, and that is EXTREMELY cool!

Thank you for presenting your relaxed perspective of the world. We can all have great use of it.

Stian Foss - Standup Comedian, Norway


I found the seminar Inner Glow very interesting. I learned so much about myself and how we are built up as human beings. I liked the fact that we were working in a small group. It made it possible for everyone to shine and to be a part of the conversations. Our group was fun with so many incredible people. The atmosphere was relaxed. The minute I walked in through the door I felt good. Everyone was welcoming and happy! I think my favourite part of the seminar was the eye gazing experiment. I have never done it before and it ended as an amazing experience. It really was true what you said: it’s a different way of getting to know a new person.

When I got home after the seminar, I put up post-it notes all over my apartment with quotes and drawings to remind myself of what I learned during the weekend. I am excited to see where this journey will take me!

Thank you so much for all the motivation and for helping me to start my new journey.

Big hugs!’

Ingrid Thorkildsen - Student, Norway


Dear Polona! Firstly, I would like to say that I am so glad that I have met you. You are truly an inspiration. The Inner Glow experience was life changing for me. It was the first time that I have ever spoken or expressed myself in such an open environment. I felt that IT’S OK not to be perfect, and to start focusing on myself. I can not love others if I don’t love myself. I really felt a part of your family. I would highly recommend this seminar to everyone. My whole family has seen a big difference in me. Thank you, you will definitely see me glowing.

Benedicthe Hanna Guttormsdatter Dyrnes - Teacher, Norway