Hi beautiful Polona. It took a while for me to be able to express in words what I had attended and became a part of at the Embody Feminine Energy seminar. Reason for this is; I had to get to know this new person within me who had been forgotten many years ago, when I still was a child, and didn’t know anything but being free. It has been a crazy journey up until this day, where the old me was gone after only two days with you, and a new, authentic, clean and curious soul broke free from my mind-controlling prison. People keep saying how different I now am, how happy I look, how healthy I look, how funny I am. I have become my own guru!

I’ve learned to listen to my body carefully and I try not to abuse it as much as I can with unhealthy food and pushing it to its limits. I support myself as the best mom in the world all day, every day. My health is so much better. I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is normal again (!!!), I didn’t get any PMS after our seminar, I use guided meditation and frequencies all the time to heal any issue, haven’t had any migraines or headaches(!) and I passed my exam without any anxiety getting full score on it! Winning the free entry for the seminar on your event is the most valuable prize I will ever win, not even 300 million on the lottery can create this exclusive feeling I have inside.

Polona, I can’t thank you enough for the way you have helped me to understand about my mind, body and energy. I’m in tears while creating this highly deserved testimonial. Words don’t do it justice, it’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt in my life except giving birth to my wonderful miracle son. I feel young and free inside.

Sophie Lunde - Norway


I am a married woman, 46 years old, with 3 children and 1 granddaughter. I work a full-time job as a teacher and run a consultancy firm which gives access to courses, seminars, and lectures, both nationally and internationally. So, I’m used to working a lot, which has been one of my driving forces and gave me both energy, joy, and motivation.

In recent years I have suffered from inflammation in my shoulders, back, neck and arms. This pain has affected my sleep. In addition, I experienced extra stress both privately and professionally. All of these experiences caused me to burn out. I was completely empty both mentally and physically. I had nothing to give anymore.

From being in a position of being in charge, working a lot, was positive and committed, a motivator and a driving force suddenly finds themselves in a situation of being in a lot of pain, with frustration and negative thoughts and doesn’t know what to do about it. They lose the sense of identity and questions how life will be from then on.

I came across the advertisement for the Embody Feminine Energy seminar with Polona on Facebook. I need to add that I tried a lot of different treatments prior to Polona’s seminar, however, they left me without results. I was still in a lot of pain, felt frustrated and depressed.
But I decided to be open and to take the chance.

It is 3 days since I attended the seminar. I feel strongly that I’m on my way to getting my life and energy back.

Polona helped me to change my mind around my pain and taught me how to listen to my own body and the signals it gives me, how to take care for myself and make necessary changes when my body is asking for them.

Polona also gave me the tools on how to take control of my life, both mentally and physically.

She made us think about who we are and who we want to be. What is important to us? How do we want to live life? What roles do we take on and what are other’s expectations? How are we influenced by society’s unwritten rules and ways of life?

Throughout this seminar, Polona and the other members of the group taught me to trust my intuition, to set limits and say no to others without guilt. I learned how to recognize other peoples fears and insecurities. I learned how to give myself room for greater harmony between my body and my mind, and last but not least, how to enjoy life. I’m left with much less pain in my body, more energy and willingness to start changing my life.

I let the past be past, l am looking forward to what will come in the future and I enjoy living in the ‘here and now.’

If you desire to live a life filled with love, harmony, and joy, you have to give yourself a gift and attend Embody Feminine Energy with skilled Polona. Because you are actually worth it.’

Nancy Mikkelsen Norheim - Teacher, Norway


Embody Feminine Energy weekend seminar enabled me to change into something new and better. I am more focused in everything I do, and I can see myself and my surroundings with new eyes. It felt like people around me had changed, but it is actually my way of seeing them that has changed. It is now easier to be around people. I used to find it very hard in the past.

I learned a lot from the other participants in the group and I could relate to their stories because of my own experiences.

Polona is teaching from her heart and she has a here and has a “go with the flow” teaching method, where nothing is planned in advance. I loved that.
I will deeply recommend this seminar to everyone, no matter what challenges they are facing in their life. You will learn some amazing techniques, meet like- minded people, be seen for who you really are, and you will start to notice all the beauty around you in life”.

Enid Camilla Hansen - Student, Norway


Dear Polona,

I am so thankful for being able to participate in your Embody Feminine Energy seminar. I feel like this has really changed me and changed the way I now look at life. I feel that I am seeing the world through new glasses.

I came to this seminar because I struggled with being present in the moment. For a long time, I had felt stressed about something either in the past, or in the future. I felt that I was not really living or enjoying life. After this seminar, I feel much more relaxed, for the first time in a very long time. I feel much more focused and ‘in the moment’. I have started noticing things that I had never noticed before. I have also slept better than ever. I will take this with me for the rest of my life.

It was a very good atmosphere being in the group. I met beautiful people who I will always remember. I felt that I could be 100% myself and was able to share things that I never thought I could or would share with people that I had only just met. This enabled me to share something that I had been struggling with for a long time. I shared an experience that had been like a sadness stuck within me. Polona made the sadness in the experience disappear. I feel that this burden has been lifted off my shoulders. When I think of this experience now, I am smiling, and thinking what a very strong person I am.

People around me have noticed that I have changed. When I came to work after this seminar, my boss said: “You have changed, you look so relaxed. Your shoulders are much lower than usual”. Today my boyfriend said: “It makes me so happy to see you happy”.

I really recommend this seminar to everyone from my heart. It really gives you a new perspective on life. You taught me how to live life, and not just do life. I am so grateful for that. I can’t thank you enough.’


Dina Christine Fossland - Student, Norway


From the moment we walked into the room where the course was held, I could feel the relaxed and positive energy. We were only a small group of women. The small group made it easy to feel safe to open up. I got really close to the women in the group and I am sure we will keep in touch in the future. I like how Polona doesn’t have specific notes for the seminar, and how she listens to the group when she is making plans for the weekend. This fact and the size of the group makes it possible for everybody to shine!

During the seminar in Tromsø, I could see big changes in all the women. Before this weekend started, I was struggling to make a choice about my future. Polona helped me make the right decision. I learned how to listen to what my body is saying, which will help me in so many ways in the future. I also learned the tools that will help me feel relaxed, how to live in the moment, and how to feel more confident in myself and my decisions. I recommend everyone to spend a weekend with Polona, it will change your life for sure!

Ingrid Thorskildsen - Student, Norway


Prior to attending Polona’s Embody Feminine Energy course, I was certain I had my life under control. I thought I knew everything. However, I was so wrong. I was so scared to look at myself and my emotions. I was so scared to get to know my true self; who I was and what was my purpose in this life.

Polona opened my eyes. Life is so beautiful when you start believing in yourself and when you say YES to yourself. You are pure energy and no one can make you happy. Only yourself.

I am so grateful to get to know Polona. She is a very energetic person and she loves to help people. What I really liked about her was that she did not teach like the rest of the teachers, but she kept asking questions which led us deep within to get to know ourselves. That was fantastic.

I will never forget that weekend as two days with Polona gave me fantastic power, inner peace and ability to listen to myself. In addition I stopped being afraid of my own feelings.

Polona, my sweetheart, thank you so much for everything. Please never stop doing what you are doing. I am so grateful for your positivity and enormous energy that you shared with me and other participants. You are the best of the best. I am looking forward to attend your next seminar. Thank you.

Lidiia Bortova - Norway