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Have you been ever thinking how would it be to unplug from the world for one weekend, come to the Sunny Island or Sommerøyas Norwegians call it, get lost in white sand paradise, enjoy breathtaking scenery and gain valuable life – changing lessons in a company of uplifting people?

Well, I have… Ever since the moment I first stepped on this island. There was a voice inside of my head saying: “I want to run a retreat here!” I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature and also by incredibly positive energy that was felt on every part of the island.

I soon found out that Sommarøy was a fishing island and therefore I understood Sommarøy’s Arctic Hotel’s special structure. As I arrived there, I fell in love with the complex completely. Stunning fisherman’s cottages and main venue made a strong impact on me. No wonder that people from all over the world come here to enjoy the peace and reconnect with the nature; including Hollywood celebrities. As the manager of the hotel told me, Artcic hotel holds also United Nation’s conferences.

Do you need any more explanation as to why I chose Sommerøy Arctic Hotel (click on the following link to access their web page ) as a venue for my next Inner Glow retreat?

I don’t think so. However, I know you have still one important question to ask me. What is Inner Glow retreat all about?

Glow From Within With Polona Muršec


Here As A Short Story Of How It All Began …

I created Inner Glow Programme early this year. I created it with the intention to share with people valuable lessons that I have gathered during my five years intensive journey within to discover who I am and what is my purpose in this life.

Six months later I can proudly say that each single individual who attended my programme, really liked it and I am still impressed to hear about how much impact it has had on people’s lives.

Taking people on a journey within during every single event, I was learning, growing, expanding.

However, there has always been one phenomena that really made me question… I was observing participants when they arrived and when they left. It was soon obvious to me that participants in only two days of working intensively with me, shifted their vibrational frequencies on a much higher level. What normally takes few years, my participants were able to achieve in a matter of two days.

Their lives have changed after my programme and they are still in the process of changing them. They are more and more aligning to their heart’s callings and desires and are more and more stepping off society’s expectations and standards. Subsequently they go through their lives  with much more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Happy Participants Of The Inner Glow Programme


Inner Glow Programme

Inner Glow is an inspirational weekend program which its founder, Polona Mursec, shares with people through lessons and insights that she has gained during her intensive five years’ life changing journey.

It is a program about human nature, our psychology, our attitudes and challenges that we are facing on a daily basis.

The intention of this program is to help people realize who they are underneath the mental noise, to inspire them to break through fears and limiting beliefs and to encourage them to start living a life full of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

During the course of two days you will get the opportunity to learn why we do the things we do and why is it impossible to experience long lasting satisfaction utilizing the old paradigm that we were all brought up with.

Inner Glow is a program about finding your inner peace, expanding your awareness and awakening your true potential.

Click the following link to read testimonials of the participants.

Sommarøy Sandy Beaches


We will start each day at 7:30 am with FLOW Programme.

Flow is a unique and integrative program, which works on your mental, physical, emotional and soul level. Flow merges together the elements of physical training, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Meditation and awakening of your prana, chi or kundalini energy.

For more information about Flow Programme, please visit

At 9:00 we take half an hour to shower and get ready for the day ahead.

At 10:00 we start with Inner Glow Programme.

At 13:00 we take one hour lunch break.

Between 14:00 and 18:00 we carry on with the Inner Glow Programme.

At 18:00 on Saturday we finish the official part of the programme. You have one hour for yourself, to do whatever you desire.

At 19:00 we meet in the restaurant for dinner and then… Get ready for one of the most memorable nights with guitar playing, singing and dancing under the stars…

And Finally Your Life Lasting Investment…

For only 4500 NOK you get

  • luxury accommodation
  • delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday plus breakfast and lunch on Sunday
  • teas, coffees and other refreshments
  • high quality life changing programmes and unforgettable evening entertainment

Don’t Miss Out On This Unique Life – Changing Opportunity!

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What have people said about Polona’s trainings …


Polona is a fantastic inspiration for all kinds of people out there. She puts her heart and intentions in helping people to reach their own power and light. I am very grateful for meeting her, she is delightful to be around and you can surely relax and learn in a new and positive way. She works in a graceful way, so the whole process of self-exploration and development transcends into fun and joyful moments of realization and fulfillment.

She is a loving, wise and beautiful person that will mirror to you a lot of qualities you probably didn’t know you had. She gives you space and a real feeling of being safe, so you can open up in every way and allow yourself to become more. She will never put herself above you, she will actually show you how great you are, she is open about herself and is not afraid of giving. You can safely open up to her with all areas of your life. The best thing is that the experience with her as a trainer is filled with laughter and positive vibes, just like it’s supposed to be.
I would recommend her as a trainer to everyone, no matter where you are in your life.

Amina Monsen El Bakkouchi - Student, Norway


‘I took a class in NLP and Mindfulness in 2016 with Polona Mursec in Tromsø, Norway which was very, very good. I highly recommend Polona as a speaker, coach and personal trainer. She is a clear speaker on the subject of NLP, Mindfulness, Spiritual Consciousness and Awareness. She has a lot of very good knowledge and an answer to any question that you might have regarding these topics.

Polona is also a very nice person, likable, friendly and sweet. You just like her. So if you need some new “spiritual food”, which is uplifting, inspiring and informative, then join her training. It will take you to a new zone; to the next level. You get a new positive energy because you get a new understanding of how your mind / your inner world works. Consequently, you get to see yourself and the world in a different; better way. You easily realize that a positive change is possible and does not have to be difficult.
Best regards from Heidi.’

Heidi Tapio - Norway

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