People are lacking inner peace

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– Illnesses are based on fear and worries

Published in Zarja magazine, Slovenia on 25th April 2017

Perfectionist Polona Mursec with above-average grades, decided to study law. Her life plan was to set up a successful legal business. At the age of 26 she had already passed the bar examination and was working within one of the corporations. There and then her life turned another direction…

From a woman who was emanating incredible positive energy, she rapidly turned into a person who had lost most of her interests and whose immune system weakened immensely.

After a doctor diagnosed her with a burn-out syndrome, she stopped for the first time in her life and had to re-evaluate some very life important questions in her life …

“According to doctor’s guidelines, I rested a lot and was engaging in activities that were returning my energy. I spent a great proportion of time with nature, I was doing a lot of sport and I also read a lot of material trying to find out the reasons for my burn-out syndrome. It seemed almost impossible that I had changed so much in such a short period of time.

Looking back now, I understand it could not have been any different. Since childhood, my body was very sensitive and open for different energies. When I started working with that knowledge, my body started to suck in all the negative energy that had been established within the working environment.”

Leaders, as Polona says, who are not in touch with the very best of themselves, project out fear-based beliefs and actions.

“These beliefs and actions create a specific environment which affects all the employees. Some more and others less, depending on their level of perception.”

“But I am deeply and truly grateful for this experience nowadays as it was so unusual, and with my collapsing emotional and physical well-being, it actually initiated my awakening process. I will never forget the night that I spent in tears when I started perceiving a world through brand-new glasses, it was like a huge opening to deeper truths and a deeper understanding of who we are and what we are here for. I realised what we are capable doing in life to feel worthy and valued. I realised that in attempting to be accepted and loved by society and family, we neglect ourselves – our own values and desires.”

When she calmed down from that painful realisation, she asked herself two basic questions – “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose in this life?”.

“Then came the answers… When I got an insight about where my authentic self was leading me, I closed an old chapter in my book of life and turned towards a new, much more authentic life.”

Faithful year 2011

She sold her car, packed a few of her belongings and flew to London. Why London? Because she was led to that place.

“Neuro-Linguistic Programming study seemed like a good start to begin to explore human potential. As I wanted to study from the best, I entered the NLP Academy where I had a chance to be taught NLP directly by John Grinder, one of the NLP founders.”

She passed her certification and became an International NLP trainer. After 2 years living in a fast-paced environment and constant stress, London overwhelmed her, and she moved out into the countryside.

“Upon visiting one of the bookshops, I accidentally engaged in conversation with one of the older guys. He told me about Amaravati Buddhist temple. Prior to that conversation, I always had thought to make my meditation with monk’s dreams come true in India or Thailand. I never thought it could have happened in Great Britain. As soon as I stepped into the monastery, I felt at home. I experienced incredible inner peace and I started to open up to my intuition which was coming forth very strongly at that point, even in my dreams. Meditation helped me to trust it and let it lead my life.”

We are much happier in nature

field-inner-peaceAfter a few years of coaching and training, she founded her own personal and professional development programmes. When she studied NLP, she met a Norwegian guy Svein, and since 2015 they run retreats in both the Algarve in Portugal and Sømmeroy in Norway.

“With retreats we endeavour to return people back to nature. Nature resonates with Schumman resonance and that resonance evokes alpha and theta brainwaves, which calm down our mind and bring back inner peace. This is also the reason behind the fact that people who live in nature are normally healthier, happier and more satisfied in life.”

What is the baseline of retreats?

“A person who wants to or needs to change on all levels. Everything is interconnected. We help people to transform their mind and emotions with NLP. Furthermore, we work on their spiritual level through meditation and on physical levels with Flow programme.

Flow programme is Polona’s invention – it consists of aerobic as well as anaerobic and mindfulness practices which are all combined with the intention to get in touch with your body.

“We teach people how to get in touch and how to hear their intuition, how to find peace within themselves and in their lives. I keep noticing that inner peace is a missing part in most people’s lives nowadays. Most of the problems that people experience nowadays are directly linked to the fact that people don’t trust life, that they doubt their own talents and abilities and thus live with fears and worries. Consequently, their life energy stops flowing naturally. Where blockages of life energy appear, it is very likely that illnesses will develop.”

People, says Polona, nowadays live in fear instead of light. Polona gathered all of her wisdom and experiences into a personal programme which she named Inner Glow.

“I endeavour to teach people to shine from within. Only then these people spread the light into this world. If we pay a little bit of attention, we can notice that more and more people are waking up and connecting to their real nature.”

Golden Glow

Golden Glow is a special energy technique that Polona co-developed with Miro Rozman, a doctor of electrical engineering. Miro’s interest in yoga and spirituality dates back to his student years. He spent a lot of time in India, practicing Integral Yoga. Later, he passed a Tesla Metamorphosis certification; a special energy healing technique.”

When we met, he invited me to do a Tesla Metamorphosis on me. I need to mention that prior to meeting Miro, I had a few experiences with people telling me my aura was very clean and that I could have used my energy for healing people, but I did not pay much attention to that fact.”

As new energies emerged during their Tesla Metamorphosis therapy, Miro invited Polona to start doing the therapies together.

“We named our technique Golden Glow therapy as people who tried it kept telling us about seeing golden colour during the therapies.”

How does the Golden Glow Therapy work?

“A person receives from it exactly what they need. Results vary from person to person. The best result was achieved with Stan, a wheelchair bound friend of mine from Norway, whose brain hemispheres balanced, and muscles relaxed after a set of Golden Glow Therapies. After the therapies, Stan was able to walk with crutches. He also took on a gym membership and still keeps going to the gym to strengthen his leg muscles as he is certain that he will climb mountains one day.”

A Special Programme for Leaders

Polona believes that we go through certain experiences in life to grow and evolve. Her experiences in the corporate world taught her how important it is that leaders possess emotional intelligence in addition to be free from limiting beliefs and fears. That is why she and her business partner from Norway established Emerald Leadership Academy.

“Majority of the leadership programmes out there teach leaders how to deal with employees. We have a different approach. We work on the leaders, on their limiting beliefs and fears. We believe that real leaders are those whom people follow voluntarily as they recognise the highest values in them like authenticity, congruency and integrity. When a person reaches this level of being, they get the best out of everybody. This sort of leader intuitively knows how to deal with challenges and people and create an atmosphere of trust, respect and harmony, which are followed by great results.”

Being in love with life

“When a person gets in touch with their higher consciousness, they start to enjoy the simplest things in life. All their senses come to life and sharpen, everything around them comes alive. This is a similar state to that which we experience when we fall in love. In fact, it is the same experience, with one small difference – here we don’t fall in love with a particular person, here we fall in love with life. When we fall in love with life, we notice how magical it is and we find a purpose in everything that we do.” – This is a summary of basic information which are taught to people during the transformational programme called Inner Glow, founded by Polona Mursec.

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