Miraculous Meditation in a Salt Room

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Published in Pomagaj si sam magazine, Slovenia, on 20th March 2017

Imagine a cosy room in which only 6 women can sit in a circle. It feels warm, and smells of salt and essential oils. Pleasant music touches your soul and the salt in which you are in, gives you a sensation of sinking slowly and feeling safe. Everything is snow white. You feel like you are in a uterus.

Then Polona Mursec, International Neuro-linguistic Programming Trainer, Mindfulness Trainer and Transformational Coach, whose personal transformation programmes are being more and more sought after, asks the participants how they feel and what sort of experiences they have been though since the last meditation class.

With my mouth open, I am surprised to hear how much their life has been changing. I can hear stories about how people around them are infected with colds or flu, but they remain healthy. They report how much easier they fall asleep and how much easier it is for them to get up feeling refreshed. They are becoming more and more focused and patient and it is becoming easier for them to set their personal boundaries. In addition, they can hear and follow their intuition.

“In a Salt House, we practice mindfulness. I teach participants how to live in the here and now. I help people to reconnect to who they truly are, and they start to listen to themselves. This improves their life immensely. That is actually the whole point of all my programmes. We don’t need books, or teachers. We all have a guiding system inside us. The purpose of my work is to renew that connection. Then the person knows exactly how to make the right decisions for themselves and forsake following other people’s expectations. That is the point to really simplifies one’s life. People are driven crazy when they follow society’s expectations on who they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do in life.”

Thoughts, says Polona, after meditation become much clearer and therefore learning abilities improve.

Meditation in a Salt Room

“When the mind chatter calms down, we are able to memorize more data. When we open up to our intuition, creativity awakens. If our head is full of thoughts, insights cannot come forward. Decision making processes simplify as well. As one does not try to analyze data for long hours anymore, one can decide upon what feels right. I personally don’t know a person who would make a decision contra to what feels right and achieve a good result in the end. When we become more mindful, we start to recognise situations that awake strong responses in us and thus we are able to select how we desire to respond to them. We are not on the autopilot trigger – response anymore.

We asked Polona what is the advantage of having mindfulness meditation in a salt room and how does meditation in a salt room differentiate from those that are led in a normal room?

Firstly, a small cave room gives you a feeling of being safe which enables you to completely remove yourself from the outside world. Due to the floor heating system, it is very pleasant to lie on the floor and feel relaxed. Meditation affects all levels of our existence – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The energy in a small room doesn’t get lost, it only amplifies. Women go through all sorts of strong spiritual experiences. They suddenly gain an insight into a very important life situation or understand why certain things are happening to them. We are supported by very strong and very pleasant energies during every meditation which heals our bodies and affect all levels of our life.

When do participants experience the first results of meditation?

Instantly, after the first meditation. In addition to meditation, participants inhale rocket salt aerosols during the meditation which cleans out mucous membrane and clears the respiratory system and lymph. In a state of deep relaxation our bodies start to repair themselves and heal. Meditation has a positive impact on our heart beating and breathing. Prior to meditation, we do special breathing exercises to fill our head with oxygen, which slows down our thinking processes and therefore the body relaxes. Meditation is helpful with PMS, menstruation problems and menopause as it balances our hormone system. I need to add that participants heal migraines with this type of meditation too.

Mindfulness helps us awaken our senses and enhance our experience of life again. What starts to happen?

When we learn how to live in the moment, joy awakens. I often ask participants during my courses when they feel at their happiest. They often report back to me when they are with nature or when they are engaged in activities they love. When they just exist. When they see, hear, smell, taste and feel, not think. Actually, when a man turns from thinking into being. Mindfulness is, due to so many positive effects that it has on people’s lives, definitely my favourite type of meditation.

It is also pleasant when we are directed in meditation to some nice place – a beach or a forest and we access memories of pleasant sensations therefore relaxing ourselves. The problem is, that we are running away from the present moment constantly, therefore experiencing so many challenges and problems in life.

In practicing mindfulness, we pay attention to our breathing and senses in the body (we pay attention to what is going on in the present moment) and in a while we can observe our thoughts and emotions likewise. The main goal of mindfulness is the realisation that we are much more than just our bodies, minds and emotions. Mindfulness brings us relaxation and inner peace as the thoughts are not preoccupied with the past or future.

Will there be less illnesses if we learn to live in the here and now?

Polona Muršec in a Salt Room

Definitely. Illnesses develop only in an organism which is toxic. The body which is preoccupied with fear, worries, stress and past related issues, is struck with energy blockages. That is the opposite environment that a person creates when a person experiences joy and inner peace. The illness is often a wakeup call for us. We are conditioned to postpone our lives to the next moment. Everything is more important than us and this moment. An illness is often the shock that makes a person aware of how precious life actually is and that it needs to be enjoyed every moment and not to be postponed.

Why are people nowadays so distracted?

Just look at the media and social media. News keep renewing moment after moment. We get used to things changing rapidly so we lose our ability to focus. A lot of people have many difficulties in their jobs because of that. Doing many things at the same time is much less productive than doing one thing at a time giving it your full attention.

Why does this generation seem so separated from their true nature?

The society in which we live, has set up certain standards of normal life. Most people follow this standard and those who do not, are declared as “not normal” and as such they often feel isolated. We are social beings, no one wants to be left alone, therefore we adapt to standards or norms. The problem is that society sets too high standards that no one can truly achieve. People don’t know that, but they strive to achieve these standards. Certainly they fail and that frustrates them. They don’t know how to accept themselves as they are. They become the greatest enemies of themselves.

Are people afraid of love?

Majority of people still have their hearts closed. On the one hand people desire love. On the other hand they are afraid of it. This has a lot to do with our process of socialisation. When a child is born, their heart is pure and is capable of unconditional love. Then a child learns that there is no such thing as free love, that they need to earn love. They need to achieve socially conditioned standards, which are based on fear and limiting beliefs to fit in. A child all of sudden realises that the way they are, is not enough. That they need to try to earn love and acceptance. This is the moment when the child locks their heart, suppresses their true nature and walks into the world.

You don’t need expensive education and doubtful therapists.

My clients often report to me that they are losing faith with alternative therapists as the market is full of self-proclaimed masters, who are not masters at all. A lot of them are using client’s powerlessness and distress. I have said it so many times and I will say it again. In order to restore connection with ourselves, we don’t need to do much. Go out into nature. In nature you find Schumann resonance. This resonance equals meditative states in our brains. That is the reason why so many people feel good in nature. It encourages brainwaves to slow down and open to inspiration. Go into the nature, breathe with your lungs full. Hug more. Make love. Express your love towards yourself and towards others. Most of all, engage in the activities you love doing. When we stop complicating our lives and start to trust life, we realise we are always safe and on the right path.

Spirituality is simple

When you reconnect with yourself, you reconnect with all there is. I see the next evolution step in reconnecting. Up until now, we have been guided by our rational minds, we have been competing with who is right and who is wrong. We have been comparing with each other and have had the desire to win. Political parties, nations, religions, even in relationships – they all compete. It is all about comparing who is better, greater, right. We have destroyed nature without much thought. When a person reconnects back to their true nature, starts to experience we are all one and a part of the nature. Then nationality, religion, gender, material possession and so on lose their purpose. Then competition and comparison are replaced with help, care for each other and care for the well -being of all living beings. That is also the point, to enable relationships to become harmonious. This process started a few years ago. If we are alert, we will notice more and more people reconnecting with who they truly are. More and more people are awakening.

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