Mindfulness & NLP Retreat in Algarve, Portugal – 22. 9. – 29. 9. 2018

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Take a few days off and join our unique life changing Mindfulness and NLP retreats in a luxury complex surrounded by beautiful landscape consisting of high hills, green meadows, astonishing lakes and magnificent beaches. Boasting more than 300 sunny days per year, the Algarve in Portugal represents a perfect place where you can find your peace, reconnect with nature and reconnect with yourself.

There will be an emphasis on two basic and most profound personal and professional development tools: Mindfulness and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Our aim is to equip you with all the necessary techniques, tools and strategies that will enable you to create a life full of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Through our unique mindfulness program, mental training and personal coaching, we will do our best to help you become the best version of yourself, assist you in finding your life purpose and your perfect career, improve your relationships and enhance your health.

Take the opportunity to taste the experience of “just being”, free from the distractions and responsibilities of day to day life. Unplug for several days to recover a sense of personal presence and well-being.

Join us for a life-changing experience in Algarve, Portugal, September 22. 9. - 29. 9. 2018

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Having attended a 7 day retreat run by Polona Mursec and Svein Kaurin in Nave Redonda do Cero, I can happily state I am now a NON smoker !!! My addiction lasted for over 34 years and I also suffered a lot of pain in my body for years prior attending the retreat.

We started each morning with Polona’s FLOW programme. We exercised our bodies as well as putting a lot of emphasis on the importance of how we look upon our bodies and how we take care of them. Polona was reminding us to love and nurture our bodies not only with exercising, but also with healthy nutrition. I started to feel that my body started to heal itself in just a few days after coming to Portugal. I adopted a completely different mindset and consequently I changed my attitude – I started thinking “Why love my body and put poison in my body?” i.e. tobacco .. It was only natural to stop smoking !!!

Mindfulness sessions helped me to quiet my mind and thus I was able to cope with chronic pain that cancer and consequent radical hysterectomy left behind. I was living with pain trapped in my mind and body for more than 12 years and in just 7 days of re-affirming and EMBRACING my pain, I was actually able to accept it. That was definitely a huge shift in my brain and body, which set me free of pain.

The retreat was set in beautiful Portugal and so relaxed. The other clients felt the same. We worked closely together for different reasons but all overcame our issues, became more confident and friends for life. The love and genuine support from Polona and Svein was UNIQUE .

I shook off my limiting beliefs and learnt to cope with negative emotions and pain. I want to share what I’ve learned it’s that fantastic.

I keep nurturing and loving my body ever since I came back from Portugal, I am facing fears and saying yes to challenges instead of making up excuses not to do them.

Living in the moment has become easier, which Polona and Svein taught us to do very well. I still have hard days, we all do, but we need to remember that we have the TOOLS inside of us to overcome them and use them.

Thank you Polona Mursec and Svein Kaurin, your love and positivity are infectious.

Samantha Kay Brown - Massage Therapist, England

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