Master The Most Temperamental Horse

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“The horse is the best judge of a good rider. If the horse has a high opinion of the rider, he will let himself be guided, if not, he will resist.” – Nuno Oliveira

2016 has finally arrived; I hope that you are now full of enthusiasm and aspirations to make your dreams come true. No matter what 2015 was like, today, right at this moment in time, you have a brand new opportunity for a fresh start. Leave the old garbage behind and move on. Or do like my friend did, she threw her 2015 calendar in the fire and thus she symbolically ended one of the most challenging years of her life.

There is a proverb that I would like to share with you today; it is very short and simple, but so profound and appropriate for the start of a New Year. It goes like this – you have two primary choices in life:

You can either GO through life or GROW through life.

The decision is yours entirely.

You have probably noticed by now that I get inspirations for my blog posts whilst experiencing certain outstanding things in my life. This week’s blog post was born during my last winter horse riding experience with my friend.

I love horses because they are very magnificent beings. In order to enjoy the horse riding experience thoroughly, you need to let go of your fears, get into a rapport with the horse and establish trust. Whilst sitting on its back, your bodies, minds and souls need to merge together; the two of you need to become and move like one. If you manage to do that, then your ride will be very smooth and pleasurable.

On the other hand, if you jump on its backs with a fear of falling off, limiting beliefs and doubts whether you can do it or not, your horse will detect your feelings and start resisting. Consequently you will need to put a lot of effort into your riding and you will experience stress.

Well, a horse riding experience is no different to a general life experience.

In order to enjoy life and ride smoothly through it, you need to let go of your fears, limiting beliefs and doubts and establish faith and trust. But this is probably the toughest challenge one can complete in life as we were all conditioned to live the life from our ego selves rather than from our true selves.

When I write about our ego selves, I refer to our thoughts. I refer to everything we have been taught, everything that we have learnt about ourselves and about the world around us from an early age. This knowledge and the language we are using, are acting like sunglasses on our eyes; they filter all of our experiences.

We no longer see the world as it is, we no longer see ourselves as we are and we no longer see others as they are; we experience everything and everyone through the filters that were set up unconsciously inside of us through the process of socialisation.

Unfortunately, these filters are full of fears, limiting beliefs and doubts thus they prevent us from experiencing and enjoying life fully and from expressing our full potential. They prevent us from getting in touch with our true selves.

Living a life through established filters or our ego selves, is like riding a horse whilst being constantly anxious and worried about falling off. Yes, we are moving forward, but we experience a lot of resistance and stress on the way and we have to put in a lot of effort in in order to keep ourselves in the saddle.

On the other hand, if we remove the filters which are filled with fears, limiting beliefs and doubts, then we can ride even the most temperamental horses with pleasure and keep ourselves in the saddle without major effort or stress.

In 2016 I wish that many of you, who are reading my blog posts, awaken to the truth of who you are beneath the shadow of fears, limiting beliefs and doubts. I wish that many of you realise that you are so much more than you think or imagine. I wish that you realise that deep down inside, you are timeless, spaceless and limitless and that you finally start riding through life with faith and trust rather than resistance, effort and stress.

Happy 2016!

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