Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

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“Be fearless. Have the courage to take risks. Go where there are no guarantees. Get out of your comfort zone even if it means being uncomfortable. The road less traveled is sometimes fraught with barricades, bumps, and uncharted terrain. But it is on that road where your character is truly tested. Have the courage to accept that you’re not perfect, nothing is and no one is — and that’s OK.” – Katie Couric

This summer has definitely been one of the best summers I have had in my life. I am working on great projects, eat very healthy, organic food, do a lot of outdoor sport, hang out with great friends, spend quality time with my family and do a lot of crazy outdoor activities.

I already blogged my canyoning experience and how I got over my two fears; a fear of heights and a fear of jumping into narrow water canyons from the high rocks.

Well, let’s carry on with my update. There is more to come, yes. On the 6th of August I did something that I probably wouldn’t have even dreamed of 5 or 6 years ago… I was invited to go skydiving.

Everything happened so unexpectedly, I had definitely decided that I would do it one day, but to be completely honest with you, I didn’t really plan it. However, sometimes the Universe surprises you and I was offered a free voucher to do it. I didn’t have to consider or ponder whether to do it or not. I just said YES! And then the 6th of August arrived rapidly.

I was quite relieved when I was told that I was supposed to jump with the owner of the company, apparently a very experienced guy. If not at that point, the pressure was off me the very same minute that I met my tandem instructor in person. He radiated a complete feeling of being in charge of the situation and so my unconscious relaxed very easily and I just let my mind and body fully experience the adventure.

I am very used to taking off in planes and being high above the clouds, therefore flying 4000 metres above sea level didn’t represent a challenge for me. The only thing I was a bit concerned about was jumping out of the plane. I did remember experiencing freefall in adventure parks and later whilst bungee jumping and canyoning. I felt an extreme adrenalin rush and in all three cases I thought to myself, Gosh, if it would have lasted only a few seconds more, I would have died …

Holding those moments in my mind, I was questioning myself how on earth I would survive a freefall of 45 seconds… To my big surprise my fears were all in vain. I guess all the acknowledgement goes to my tandem instructor and my ability to discipline my mind to be safe and at peace.

Like I already mentioned, I felt a complete relaxation of my body when I sensed my tandem instructor being in complete charge of the situation. I guess practising mindfulness over the past few years helped me to get back in touch with my body and I became very sensitive to other people’s energies as a consequence.

If I had not been mindful during my skydiving experience, I would probably have missed one of the greatest pleasures I have ever experienced in my life; the pleasure of free falling. I felt so alert and so alive whilst we were falling 200 km per hour from the sky. The scenery underneath us was just astonishing; a beautiful range of mountains, the emerald green River Soca, green forests and extensive meadows. I think that time stopped for me in those 45 seconds. However, the experience carried on when the parachute was opened, but I need to admit that I enjoyed the freefall experience a bit more.

I have written quite a few articles about fears since I started blogging. The skydiving experience was definitely the last challenge on my list to get over my fear of heights and I can assure you that I was pretty successful with getting over it.

What I have learnt through all those years whilst dealing with my fears is that fear is just a feeling and is always irrational. It creeps into your body, blocks your energy and makes you feel helpless. It tries to win. It tries to stop you from doing the things you dream of. But you have the choice and you can decide what you are going to do. You can either pull yourself back and find excuses as to why you cannot achieve your dreams or you can decide that you will become greater than your fears and that you will not let them stop you and control you.

In the end, life starts at the end of your comfort zone and that is the place where fears reside.

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