I want to change the world, I have had enough!

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

Hi my dear friends, I am back with blogging after taking a month long holiday back in my home country, Slovenia. I really needed time off in order to recharge and reconnect with my family and friends that I haven’t seen much over the last four years and definitely not as much as I would have liked to. But I also used the time to reconnect with myself.

Today I decided to write about a topic that I am very passionate about and that also represents the core of my business; living your true authentic life, life truthful to yourself.

You have probably noticed that the energies on this planet have changed in the last few years. Many people started to ask themselves questions like; who am I? Where do I belong? What is life all about? Then we read stories about successful businessmen who sell all their possessions, buy a piece of land and design a brand new lifestyle, very simple and basic.

Nooo, I have no idea what is going on, nor do I want to waste my time questioning the reasons why… I just accept the fact that people are going through some kind of metamorphosis. They start to question everything they have been told about themselves and about their lives.

And that is the reason why I am getting busier and busier with my work, but I love it. It’s something magical and I treat it as a privilege to have the tools, knowledge and common sense to guide people through this transition all the way to designing a life they have always desired and dreamed of; a life that is based on expressing your true self, discovering your unique gifts and talents, sharing them with the world and living in a state of peace and acceptance rather than stress and resistance.

We are born as an empty cup. There is nothing in there. Then we start to get to know the world through our senses. We are exploring it every single day. We are curious and learn all the time. Around the age of 1, we start to learn language. We establish a channel which becomes our main communication tool and through which we absorb lots of information- lots of useful information, but unfortunately lots of useless data as well.

Each of us has to go through a growing up process which I call a socialisation process. We learn the rules. We also learn who we are, what is expected from us, what we are supposed to do in life and of course what we need in life. Rules are repeated on many occasions and as our brain is develop to memorise quickly in order to create space for new knowledge and experiences, whatever we were told is transferred into our unconscious mind. All the data is stored there like a computer program and it runs our lives automatically.

Then you live according to the rules, you are never really completely satisfied with yourself. You worry about the future, you regret your past. You sabotage yourself whilst attempting to reach certain goals. You create relationships, but are not quite satisfied with any of them as each person in your life has certain faults that you don’t like. You fall in love with Mr / Mrs Right, thinking it’ll last until the end of your time, then you find yourself fighting over things that don’t matter, feeling heartbroken and down. You don’t enjoy your job either and secretly dream about a different life – which of course you don’t dare to share with anyone as they would laugh at you. Hey dreamy boy or girl, get serious, life is tough… What would happen if anyone could see in your head and read your mind?

Following the above mentioned agenda, that’s how most of the people spend their lives. Well, that sort of lifestyle is not for me. I believe in one and only one sacred thing. Freedom. I believe that a human soul can only be happy if it is able to express its full potential, radiate its true essence and live its purpose. But in order to do so, one must break free from all the programmes that were implanted in our heads. It’s a long process of changing your thinking, emotional and behavioural patterns and of course reconnecting back with your true self.

You can speed up the process once you start working with somebody who has walked the path way before you and has the necessary knowledge and experiences to do so. But they will only show you the path which needs to be walked by you. Life is a journey and you can’t swallow a magic pill that will get rid of all the worries, devastating thinking patterns, feeling of helplessness as well as feeling sorry for yourself in a day. It would be pointless. Because every time we learn something new, we grow. Every time we overgrow certain patterns, we feel stronger. Every time we decide to follow our heart, we become more us; beautiful, magical, radiant beings, full of potential, love and compassion for one another.

No, I don’t believe anyone who tries to teach people suffering is a way of life, because it’s not. No, I don’t believe anyone who says you can’t do something or you can’t make your dreams come true, because you can. No, I don’t believe in systems that are based on fear and suppress people and manipulate them into thinking that what they are going through is normal, because it is not. Yes, I stopped believing that only what can be scientifically proven is right, because it’s not. Our senses are sooo limited, and science is based only on senses, therefore it is limited. I don’t think we will ever be able to comprehend how powerful and connected we are in reality. I only know it is time to change the paradigm based on fear, it is time to create a better world. But in order to do so, each of us must change ourselves. Only after we get rid of fear and reconnect back with our true power; our authentic selves, then systems based on fear will no longer be able to exist.

You want change the world? Then do it! Start right here and right now, change yourself!

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