Welcome to Emerald Leadership Academythe Universe of Emerald Leaders. Our mission is to tailor and deliver the most exclusive personal and professional development trainings and coachings to the New Age Leaders or Emerald Leaders.

Emerald Leaders are people who lead by example, not by position. They are people who aspire to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. 

We believe that leadership isn’t about holding a title or position of a leader in an organisation, but about living in a profound state of being and influencing others’ lives in the best possible manner.

Why did we choose the name Emerald Leadership Academy? Because an emerald personifies the qualities that we want to see in our leaders.  Emerald is one of the earth’s most beautiful green coloured stones and is referred to as the stone of the heart. It is a symbol of universal love and inspiration, as well as compassion and harmony. Because of its green colour, an emerald is associated with rebirth and spring and is said to boost creativity and open the door to new possibilities.

Similarly, we would like our Emerald Leaders to lead by example, to lead by heart. We would like them to be an inspiration for others and lead people not from above but from within. We aspire for Emerald Leaders to ground their intentions and actions on love and compassion and bring harmony and new possibilities into the lives of others.

Become an Emerald Leader!

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