There’s No Such Thing As Competition

Sometimes I smile and then pause… Sometimes I just cannot respond when I hear a business owner explaining to me how much time and energy they spend on their competitors.   Sometimes I feel deep down inside that my words … Read More

Master The Most Temperamental Horse

2016 has finally arrived; I hope that you are now full of enthusiasm and aspirations to make your dreams come true. No matter what 2015 was like, today, right at this moment in time, you have a brand new opportunity … Read More

Ground-breaking Brand New Diet

Take a moment, sit down and relax. Take one or two deep breaths, feel the air entering your nostrils and your lungs expanding, then contracting. Put one of your hands on the chest and sense your heart beat. Do you … Read More

Let’s talk about Mindfulness

Let’s talk about one of my favourite topics today, let’s talk about Mindfulness. I just love it. It has enhanced the quality of my life immensely, therefore I incorporate it in both, my coaching and my training practice regularly. Here … Read More

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

This summer has definitely been one of the best summers I have had in my life. I am working on great projects, eat very healthy, organic food, do a lot of outdoor sport, hang out with great friends, spend quality … Read More

Conquer your fears or your fears will conquer you

Writing the following lines, I am still affected by the adrenalin rush experience I went through last Saturday – canyoning. For those of who don’t know about canyoning, typically it can involve climbing, abseiling, jumping into pools from heights and … Read More

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