It has been obvious for the past few years that there has been a shift in change. The vibration of planet Earth is changing, individuals are changing, we are changing as a society on a collective level.

Some people are tolerating changes easily whilst others find it difficult. Nevertheless, changes are happening and we need to face them.

We are evolving to higher consciousness. We are leaving behind the era in which we were preoccupied with ourselves – our own survival, our own success, needs, desires and reputation. We are leaving behind the era which is planted with fear, limiting beliefs, doubts and unexploited human potential.

We are transcending into the era of oneness, cooperation, helping each other, tolerance and empathy. We are transcending into an era where what we achieve as a society is much more important and valued as what we achieve on an individual level. We are transcending into an era where we return to where we originate. To nature.

A new level of existence requires a new person. Better. Greater. Mightiest.

A new level of existence requires a person that vibrates on much higher levels than we are used to.

A new level of existence requires a person who has activated their full potential, elevated to higher consciousness and embodied true magnificence of life and human existence.

A new level of existence requires a person who lives in harmony with the laws of the Earth and the Universe.

“Everything in life is energy.” – Albert Einstein

Your life is reflection of your vibration

Despite how material life may seem, quantum physics managed to prove that everything consists of energy. We are energy. We are made of atoms, which are when tracked down to sub-particle level, pure energy.

We live in a vibration full Universe and we are the vibration full beings.

Whatever is happening in the world around us, is nothing but a reflection of our vibration – of our thoughts, our emotions and our state of consciousness.

When we desire to change our life, we endeavor to change people and circumstances around us, which is an aimless task. We need to look within.

As soon as we remove the energetic blockages, the Universe around us responds to us in a completely different manner.

Brilliant Glow – Unique Energy Therapy

Coaching and other talking therapies take quite a lot of time and sometimes they are not always successful.

Attempting to help my clients get the desired results as fast as possible, I developed a unique and highly effective therapy which I named Brilliant Glow Therapy. Brilliant Glow Therapy works deeply on our levels of existence; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Brilliant Glow Therapy rapidly breaks through your energy blockages and enables life energy to flow freely through your body. In the process, I use my body as a medium between Universal high-frequency energies and your body. In other words, I use vibration to harmonise you with the energies of the Earth and the Universe and consequently your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body return to balance and harmony.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

How is Brilliant Glow Therapy done?

Brilliant Glow Therapy is carried out in person only, as that enables maximum transmission of the light.

Before the Therapy starts, I talk with the client on the phone to find out their issues and desires and to ascertain if they are ready to incorporate Brilliant Glow energies into their being.

Therapy is done in specially prepared and energetically cleaned rooms.

Therapy is carried out for an hour, accompanied by specially composed music and aroma-therapeutic scents which strengthen the process.

The client is first of all taken into a special state of mind and lifted above the normal level of existence, then the light energy is directed at them. It is very common that a client has strong internal visions of colours and different patterns in this process. It is also common to hear music or guidance in this too. Most common, however, is to feel a very strong energy sensation all over the body. Clients can normally, once the process is over, feel themselves where in the body they felt energy stagnation or blockage and then release it once the light has managed to break through the blockage. A client often gets insights into their life situations. Suddenly they become conscious of why certain things keep repeating in their lives and how to work on the issues causing this to happen. Many people realise their life purpose or life mission during this process.

Brilliant Glows process is therapeutically very intuitive. As I connect deeply with the clients through the energy of light, I get certain insights into their life, which we thoroughly discuss once the session is over and make a plan of the changes to be carried out.

For optimal results, I recommend at least three sessions of Brilliant Glow Therapy. Clients report very positive effects straight after the first session, however, the first session is just a brief glimpse into what is possible to achieve. How many therapies are necessary?  I will discuss this at the end of each session with the client. It all depends on the issues that the client is facing and their desires, but it is very common that the client feels when the work is done and therapies are no longer necessary, whether a possible follow-on therapy is required or not.


Effects of Brilliant Glow Therapy

  • evokes  strong feelings of inner peace
  • evokes  strong feelings of connecting with yourself
  • evokes strong feelings of gratitude
  • strengthens intuition
  • improves self-esteem
  • evokes feelings of joy, satisfaction and happiness
  • evokes feelings of connection, empathy and sincere care for the well-being of all living beings
  • activates dormant potentials and talents
  • eases  the process of receiving and giving love
  • eases the manifestation process
  • raises the threshold of understanding and tolerance towards self and others
  • improves listening skills
  • eases the process of problem solving
  • improves cognitive abilities like learning and remembering
  • eases decision making process
  • removes or diminishes stress
  • improves focus
  • improves motivation
  • improves concentration
  • fills you with courage to follow your dreams and desires
  • brings more experince  of positive states like joy, happiness and satisfaction
  • removes or diminishes psychological issues such as depression, anxieties, phobias and fears
  • removes or diminishes conflicts on all levels
  • eases the process of managing emotions
  • very effective with overcoming addictions from relationships and substances
  • improves flexibility
  • enables deep and tranquil sleep
  • diminishes pain sensitivity
  • improves vitality
  • raises energy levels
  • rejuvenates body


How was Brilliant Glow Therapy developed?

I firmly believe in two things. Firstly, that we are more powerful and mighty than, we think we are; and secondly, that each of us has a special mission, a special purpose for being on this planet.

Just like most people, my life journey began pretty ordinarily. University, job, everyday obligations and worries. Then the turning point happened and I realised I was following the wrong path in life. I realised that I listened to people around me more than I ever listened to myself. I realised I was held back by many fears and limiting beliefs and most of all I realised, I did not live the life I deserved. At that point, I became conscious of two important things in my life. That I thoroughly enjoyed taking old, useless items and refurbishing them. In addition, I loved to listen to people and their stories, I was fascinated about why we are as we are and if it’s possible to change. In general, I loved to add extra value to things and people.

I also came to the realisation that my biggest passion actually, was the activation of the full human potential. In 2011 I quit my legal career and moved to London, through the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming I got a brief glimpse into the functioning of human consciousness and unconsciousness and into activating full human potential. Then my real journey began. Shortly after I was introduced to Buddhism, Meditation and Mindfulness, which opened brand new horizons in front of my eyes.  Curious and willing to learn and explore, I studied and practised various topics from all over the world for many years. Every single day my vibration was higher and clearer.

Whilst coaching and training people, I noticed that more than with words, I was bringing up changes in people’s lives with my energy. In fact, I became conscious of the fact that I was an energy magnet for small kids and animals, from ever since I remember. More and more people started to report to me how incredibly my energy fills them and brings inner peace to them.

In 2015 Tesla Metamorphosis energy technique was tested on me.  To my big surprise, I found out that I was a strong light energy transmitter. There and then I realised there is something inside us that is eternal and immortal. Something that incarnates again and again and holds ancient knowledge and wisdom within. There was something in me that knew and understood much more than my limited rational mind.

In 2015 I commenced doing energy therapies. Carefully observing clients and the effects the therapies had on them, I was adding different techniques and methods that I intuitively felt were necessary for long-lasting effects. You can read testimonials of some clients underneath.

The time has come to gather all the knowledge, experience and energy under one roof and establish a new technique which I have named “Brilliant Glow”. Brilliant is not a precious stone, it is a special cut that gives a precious stone it’s exceptional brilliance. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides maximum light returning through the top of the precious stone. That is exactly the intention of my Brilliant Glow Therapy too. To enable precious individuals to shine exceptionally in their natural beauty.

I can say, I fully stepped accept and embrace my purpose or my mission and I do it with the greatest love. I firmly believe in a better tomorrow, I firmly believe in a better world and I feel particularly blessed that I can share my gifts and my purpose with people from all over the world, who desire just like me, to quit constant worrying, low-frequency states, conflicts and constant judgements and live love, light and joy full life.



It has been a great pleasure to meet Polona. Such a hearty and beautiful person everybody desires to meet.

I had difficulties with conceiving for a few years. Despite the medical surgery, I still wasn’t able to conceive. I must admit, I was really desperate and running out of hope. I lost visions of a bright future in front of me. Then I met Polona and we removed energy blockages, karma and recorded a meditation to practice at home. During the Brilliant Glow Therapy, I felt really relaxed and guided, which enabled me to remove the energy blockages quickly. Polona leads the therapy very pleasantly, which plays a major role in the therapy process. I was practising meditation at home for a few months and then a miracle happened – I was pregnant.

I am overjoyed as I carry a beautiful baby girl under my heart and I am truly thankful to Polona for that. I will always be truly thankful.

Klavdija Fortuna - Hairdresser, Slovenia


I am 29 years old and wheelchair bound. I spend a lot of time sitting down, hence my limbs get quite stiff and I can experience muscle pain from time to time. Because of this, it has always been important that I work out. Part of me has always wanted to be more active, and train to get stronger muscles, but there was always something in my head stopping me.

I met Polona when she was co-hosting a seminar here in Trondheim (Norway) and she offered me to test her Brilliant Glow Therapy.

As soon as we started with the Therapy, I immediately felt warm and tingling sensations both in my head and in my body. I guess I had to laugh because it was so absurd, in a good way, to have all these sensations happening, while someone was standing over me…and not even touching me. I tried to explain what was happening because I thought: ‘Feedback is always nice’, but I quickly realized that I was so relaxed, that my words kind of slipped away from me.

Then after a while, I could feel something happening on the left side of my head; the feeling of resistance was gone and everything suddenly felt so much simple, the blood was flowing easier through my entire body, and it still does. Just like when you get a massage, only better. It feels like the mechanisms of the body are running better now, more correctly. All of my muscles are now much more co-operative, so to speak. In addition, a long while after our sessions, I felt very much at peace. Because…the resistance in my head disappeared.

As a result of this I got a membership at the gym and keep working out my muscles in my legs. I will start climbing mountains someday…

Stian Foss - Standup Comedian, Norway


Ever since September, when my daughter started going to kindergarten, she had major problems with her sinuses. Her nose was clogged, her ears were sore, she was coughing a lot and she also had a temperature. Antibiotics and corticosteroids were a constant thing in her life and consequently, she spent very little time in the kindergarten.

Then I mentioned to Polona what was going on and we arranged an appointment for Brilliant Glow Therapy. The experience was really interesting. My daughter had temperature and was coughing when Polona arrived, she was very restless and refused to talk. Then in the middle of the therapy, a huge change happened. My daughter calmed down and started communicating with Polona. The temperature vanished and she stopped coughing. My daughter was healed in an instant; no more temperature, no more coughing, her state of being improved 100% and she is still healthy.

My advice – do not wait, act immediately when it comes to your child’s health. I am sincerely sorry that we did not do the Brilliant Glow Therapy sooner.

Jerneja Žurman - Sales Specialist, Slovenia

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