Are You Moving Through Life or Is Life Moving Through You?

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“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better…” – Albert Einstein

I know you are moving through life day by day; sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. Sometimes slow, more or less fast.

You are speeding, aren’t you? From the very first moment you open your eyes until the moment you close your eyes, your day is filled with rushing and running, fulfilling obligations and meeting deadlines.

How often do you stop and let life move through you?

Let me guess, never?  Because even when you have free time, you spend it with the people you love or go to the cinema or watch TV.

How often do you go to nature by yourself and enjoy the beauty of life and experience gratitude to be alive?

According to my observation of people nowadays, individuals who let life move through them are very rare.

Just the other day, I went to a beautiful gorge very near to the place where I was born and I stopped in the middle of a wooden bridge. I was standing there, leaning on the fence of the bridge, observing astonishing shades of blue, grey, brown and green colours that were intervening along the river… In the sound of a waterfall, I was able to detect hundreds of separated sounds that were created by the water falling down the steep slope. I smelled fresh spring air and felt a gentle breeze touching every cell of my skin. My head was empty, there were no thoughts in it. I was occupied by the beauty and the wonder of my surroundings and also by the great sense of aliveness that was awakened when life moved through me.

I felt so grateful for that particular moment and that made me very joyful.

My face pictured a great smile. For no particular reason. I just was happy to be.

Are those moments familiar to you? Have you ever had an experience very similar to mine? I bet you did and I bet you know how it feels like.

My joyful moment was interrupted by a young man standing next to me saying “Darling please, do I really have to do it again? I have taken hundred of pictures of you so far and it is only our second day here. Could you please slow down and let me take some pictures of nature please?’

I looked at him. I looked at her. Wavy blond hair was falling down her shoulders, covering almost naked shoulders despite the low temperatures. She had a mischievous smile on her face and beautiful light blue coloured eyes, but unfortunately these eyes had no sparkle in them. They were empty. It was obvious that life didn’t move through her.

If it did, she would be lost in the wonder of nature and life instead of being lost in the illusional world of images.

My eyes then looked around. People came on the bridge, looked left, right, up and down, took a picture or two and then moved on. And that is what our civilisation calls travelling and exploring.

We have become strangers to nature. And strangers to ourselves. What used to be respected and admired as a source of life and beauty, is nowadays regarded as an object that you come, see, take a picture and leave.

You return home from travelling with plenty of spending images which you will show to you family members and friends and they are all taken aback by what you have seen…

But…those images are to be just two-dimensional objects on your wall and your devices, without senses and feelings.

Do you understand now why we feel so empty as human beings? And why we need all sorts of natural and artificial stimulators to keep us happy and going?

We have lost the most precious connection. We have lost a connection with nature. We have lost a connection with life.

We are so trapped in the world of forms and in the world of thoughts and we forget that behind these illusions, something sacred is hidden.

Something sacred that once you reconnect back to it, you will never ever want to lose it or let it go, because it will make you feel alive, happy, vibrant and full of joy.

Take a deep breath, go deep inside, feel the aliveness of your body, activate your senses and connect to the world around you.

Stop just moving through life, let the life move through you.

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