Cookies are small files containing information that are temporarily stored on your computer when you visit websites. When you re-visit the website, your browser with their help “remembers” your settings and you do not need to re-enter your username and … Read More

Suzana Murič

I am sitting, and contemplating but cannot find the appropriate words that would describe the wonderful adventure that we experienced during the Mindfulness course. I felt so safe, so accepted, I surrendered and opened myself up for new insights. What … Read More

Teja Toman

Hello Polona, I would like to say thank you for your positive energy, openness and willingness to help others by sharing your knowledge and wisdom on inner calmness, which we have lost in the modern lifestyle, even though it is … Read More

Sophie Lunde

Hi beautiful Polona. It took a while for me to be able to express in words what I had attended and became a part of at the Embody Feminine Energy seminar. Reason for this is; I had to get to … Read More

Sissel Widding

I had the fantastic opportunity to have Polona’s Therapy with Polona. I was confused, I felt I was on the wrong direction in life. Despite being a Master Practitioner of NLP, I couldn’t use NLP technics for myself. In only … Read More

Maja Jensterle

I can say that Polona’s Therapies are very relaxing and fun, we laugh a lot during them. I think that it is crucial for the coach to know how to establish an environment where you feel good and safe. This … Read More

Randy Sanders

Polona is like a very good detective, she guides you to go deep within to discover the root cause of your problem. She immediately detects which parts of your inner being are out of balance and she guides you to … Read More

Jane Hjartåker

Polona is a heartwarming light carrier that helps you find your true self with her love and wisdom.

Annikken Holm

I was struggling with a lot of pain in my stomach and in my reproductive system. Been to a trillion doctors, none of them eased the pain or even found the reason for it. Then I met Polona and had a Polona’s Therapy … Read More

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